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Multi-platinum Danish band Volbeat's eighth studio album 'Servant Of The Mind'. The album weaves intricate and fascinating tales: 'The Sacred Stones' tells the story of 'an earthly being who has committed himself to the dark side. He is on a mission, speaking to darker forces and fallen angels.' Meanwhile, 'The Devil Rages On' looks at the idea of the devil taking human form. Album opener 'Temple of Ekur' returns to the ancient themes explored in past songs such as 'The Gates of Babylon,' while the epic album closer 'Lasse's Birgita' explores the story of the first witch burnings to occur in Sweden in 1471.

Track Listing:
1. Temple of Ekur - Volbeat
2. Wait a Minute My Girl - Volbeat
3. The Sacred Stones - Volbeat
4. Shotgun Blues - Volbeat
5. The Devil Rages On - Volbeat
6. Say No More - Volbeat
7. Heaven's Descent - Volbeat
8. Dagen For (Feat. Stine Bramsen) - Volbeat
9. The Passenger - Volbeat
10. Step Into Light - Volbeat
11. Becoming - Volbeat
12. Mindlock - Volbeat
13. Lasse's Brigitta - Volbeat

Year of Production: 2021