Following the most trying year in recent memory, the Florida quintet only strengthened their creative bond on their fourth full-length offering 'Manic'. Musically, the band struck a seamless balance between bludgeoning grooves, soaring melodies, electronic fits, and battering ram riffs, straining their past, present, and future into one cohesive statement. 'Mania is a wild emotion,' observes Cody. 'The last year was all severe highs and lows. We had some victories, but we've also had so many low points. We've built this thing for the last ten years and put all of our chips into it. We've missed birthdays and funerals, but we've done some extraordinary things. Last year, we found ourselves wondering if it would ever come back. That's really what the album 2 is about.'

Track Listing:
1. Relapse - Wage War
2. Teeth - Wage War
3. Manic - Wage War
4. High Horse - Wage War
5. Circle the Drain - Wage War
6. Godspeed - Wage War
7. Death Roll - Wage War
8. Slow Burn - Wage War
9. Never Say Goodbye - Wage War
10. True Colours - Wage War
11. If Tomorrow Never Comes - Wage War

Year of Production: 2021