Warpaint's 2022 album 'Radiate Like This' launched alongside single 'Champion' and is Warpaint's first in almost 6 years. It arrives with its own very modern mythology intact, continuing the strange, brilliant, beautiful story of the band and quite neatly picking up where 'Heads Up' left off. If the previous album was the coming of age, 'Radiate Like This' presents Warpaint mk II in all their glory, a luminous coalescence of sound and vision which stubbornly belies its genesis, with the quartet of Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Stella Mozgawa and Jenny Lee Lindberg all recording their parts separately in various cities. It's an album that pulsates with ideas, energy and- most crucially - gorgeous melodies. Listen on in wonder.

Track Listing:
1. Champion - Warpaint
2. Hips - Warpaint
3. Hard to Tell You - Warpaint
4. Stevie - Warpaint
5. Like Sweetness - Warpaint
6. Trouble - Warpaint
7. Proof - Warpaint
8. Altar - Warpaint
9. Melting - Warpaint
10. Send Nudes - Warpaint

Year of Production: 2022