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Washed Out is Atlanta-based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene. Over three enchanting, critically-lauded albums and an EP, his music has proved both transportive and visual, each release inviting listeners into immersive, self-contained universes. With 'Purple Noon', his fourth album, and his return to Sub Pop, he delivers the most accessible Washed Out creation to date.

Track Listing:
1. Too Late - Washed Out
2. Face Up - Washed Out
3. Time to Walk Away - Washed Out
4. Paralyzed - Washed Out
5. Reckless Desires - Washed Out
6. Game of Chance - Washed Out
7. Leave You Behind - Washed Out
8. Don't Go - Washed Out
9. Hide - Washed Out
10. Haunt - Washed Out

Year of Production: 2020