THE VOICE OF A GENERATION. Once a generation, an artist comes along that impacts culture, society, and music -for this generation, that artist is XXXTENTACION. A powerful force whose light was turned off tragically too short when he was shot last year. Before his passing, he had two albums he was working on; the first was SKINS which was released last year around this time, and the second is Bad Vibes Forever. This will be the last full body of work from the late artist who was able to elegantly manuever through genres in his music. The album has heavy indie-pop, punk, metal, and rap influences and truly shows the scope of his talent that was cut too short. The album is sure to cement XXXTENTACION‘s place as the artist of his generation.

Track Listing:
A1 Introduction
A2 Ex Bitch
A3 Ugly
A4 Bad Vibes Forever
A5 School Shooters
A6 I Changed Her Life
A7 Triumph
B2 Before I Realize
B3 Ecstasy
B4 Kill My Vibe
B5 Hot Gyal
B6 The Only Time I Feel Alive
C1 The Interlude That Never Ends
C2 Daemons
C3 Attention!
C4 Eat It Up
C5 Voss
C6 Royalty
D1 Wanna Grow Old (I Won't Let Go)
D2 Hearteater
D3 Northstar Remix
D4 Chase/Glass Shards
D5 Numb The Pain
D6 It's All Fading To Black

Year of Production: 2019