While time-travelling in parts sonically, 'The Overload' weaves a very-2021 storyline. Across the album's 11 tracks, an unnamed character - a bricolage of characters that Smith has met, imagined, or himself been - finds himself in quite the financial pickle, ricocheting from desk job to desperate illicit activity to police investigation, before culminating in the kind of half-cut personal epiphany that even the most law-abiding among us could relate to. Bookended by cheeky cameo's from 'Fixer Upper's' Graeme and a clear structure of four parts, there is no getting around it - Yard Act have written a soap opera.

Track Listing:
1. The Overlord - Yard Act
2. Dead Horse - Yard Act
3. Payday - Yard Act
4. Rich - Yard Act
5. The Incident - Yard Act
6. Witness (Can I Get A?) - Yard Act
7. Land of the Blind - Yard Act
8. Quarantine the Sticks - Yard Act
9. Tall Poppies - Yard Act
10. Pour Another - Yard Act
11. 100% Endurance - Yard Act

Year of Production: 2021